The first Monday of September in United States of America every year, is celebrated as Labor Day, a national holiday to celebrate the year long toils of all workers. Honoring the contribution of the working class to the economy and celebration with family are part of the essence of Labor Day today.

Labor Day equals farewell to summer

Labor Day also has significance as a day that marks the termination of summer. People consider it as the last week of summer to hit the beaches and enjoy soaking in the sun. Parties are usually held at beaches on this day dually celebrating laborers and the end of summer. Family and friends gather at picnic grounds or celebrate in their own backyards. For students, Labor Day means end to holidays and going back to school.

Reduction in essence

About 40 per cent of the workers were a part of Labor unions in America in the 1950s. However, today, the dip in the percentage is as low as 14 per cent. Labor Day today is less significant for its civic mold and is more prominent for marking the end of summer.

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