President's Day, also popularly known as Washington's Birthday, is celebrated on the third Monday of February each year in honor of America's first President George Washington.
President's Day, in some states of America is also observed to honor other presidents, more significantly Abraham Lincoln.
Originally held on Washington's birthday, February 22, this holiday was moved to the Uniform Monday Holiday Act in 1971.

Origin -

The Congress of America originally initiated the observance of 'Washington's Birthday' as a federal holiday. It was first observed on February 22, 1879 to honor Washington on his birth anniversary. In 1971, this holiday was shifted to the Uniform Monday Holiday Act and because of the shift it never fell on day as Washington's birthday. Also, as some of the states either disapproved of this holiday or included the honoring of other presidents as Lincoln to this day, it came to be called as President's Day.

Celebration and Sales -

George Washington, also known as the 'Father of America' is paid great tribute to on President's Day. It is a day on which America's history and Washington's contributions are elaborately talked about in schools and other institutions. In some of the states like Virginia, Washington's Birthday is celebrated in an elongated manner with various events taking place for as long as a month.
Another noteworthy happening that comes along President's Day are sales spread all through the country. Almost all the stores hold sales, most particularly car dealers. Public transport remains unaffected with the United States Post Service being closed.
In Denver, Colorado, a special society has been formed to celebrate this day. In some places in Florida, a festival called 'George Fest' is being observed since 1902.

Other collaborations with President's Day -

President's Day has been collaborated with other celebrations in many states. The third Monday in February in Alabama commemorates the birthdays of Thomas Jefferson and George Washington together.
In Mexico, President's Day is observed on the Friday following thanksgiving. President's Day is 'George Washington's Birthday and Daisy Gatson Bates Day', in Arkansas.

Washington is 'Great' to have President's Day after him, not all are

People in many states oppose the inclusion of honoring presidents other than Washington on President's Day. They hold the view that not all presidents deserve to be honored on President's Day because of the less worthy contributions they have made to the country. They believe that not all are as magnificent as Washington to be honored.

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